Nautical Bracelet or Headband Tutorial

We saw this idea first on the Etsy blog, you can find their version here

Materials Needed:
• Paracord or 3/16” Cotton Clothesline or other cord
• Anchor charms
• Embroidery Floss
• E6000 glue
• Measuring Tape
• Scissors
• Tape
• Lighter
• 3/8 inch Elastic (Headband Only)



1. Measure your wrist. Cut a piece of ribbon the length that you would like your bracelet to be. We’ll use it as the guideline for our bracelet length.
2. Cut two pieces of cord 22” long.


3. Loop them back on themselves and secure with tape.

4. Tie your carrick knot as follows.

3 and 4 are looped on the bottom of work, 1 and 2 are laid on top as shown.

2 goes under 3 and over 4.
2 goes under 3, over 1, and under 4.


5. Adjust your knot so that the looped ends are about ½ inch shorter than your ribbon and the taped ends are about an inch longer than the looped ends.
6. Remove the tape from one end so that you have two free pieces of paracord. Singe the ends so they don’t fray. Thread these ends through the charm.


7. Get a bit of glue on the free ends and fold them back. Lay the loop over top.
8. Wrap the joint with embroidery floss, weave in the end of the floss with a large-eyed needle when you’re finished.
9. At the opposite end of the bracelet gather the cords together and secure with a dab of glue, wrap a few passes with the floss. Trim the taped ends of cord so that they are about ½ inch shorter than the looped end. Wrap the joint with the embroidery floss, leaving the loop about ½ inch long. Weave in the ends of the floss.
10. Slip the anchor through the loop to clasp.


We used a thicker cord for this one and instead of the clasp you’ll add elastic.


1. Follow the instructions for making your knot as for the bracelet. However, when you adjust your knot make the taped ends and the looped ends the same length.

2. Measure the circumference of your head, mine is 22 inches.

3. Subtract the difference between your head measurement and the length of your cord, cut a piece of elastic to this length.

4. Gather the ends of the cord together and wrap a few times to secure them.


5. Overlap one end of your elastic by about ¾ inch and wrap the joint, weaving in the end with a large-eyed needle when finished.

6. Repeat with the other end.

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