Valentines Day is upon us and there are plenty of gift ideas out there, but once you find the perfect gift what do you put it into? Here’s an envelope to jazz up your valentine cards and treats.



  • Ladies Handkerchief20150129_104139

  • 1 Fat Quarter or scrap slightly larger than your Handkerchief

  • Ribbon

  • Button

  • 2 sided Steam A Seam (or other two-sided interfacing)

  • Scissors

  • Rotary Cutter

  • Sewing Machine

1.) Cut a piece of Steam A Seam just a bit smaller than your handkerchief.


2.) Using your Steam A Seam as a guide, cut out your lining leaving about 1/2 inch on every side for finishing the edges.


3.) If you want to add a decorative shape to the back of your envelope use some of the scrap interfacing and lining fabric to create this. We chose to make a heart.

20150129_104424 20150129_104440

4.) Remove one side of the paper from your interfacing and place it on top of your shape.



5.) Remove paper from the other side of your interfacing and place shape in desired location on handkerchief.


 6.) Iron your shape on to the handkerchief to secure the bond.


 7.) Optionally you can stitch around the edge of your shape. Note that the shorter and more narrow your stitch is the easier it will be to sew around the curves of your applique.


 8.) Turn edges and press to finish the edges of your lining fabric.


9.) Your lining should be just a bit smaller than your handkerchief.


10.) Remove the top layer of paper from your adhesive interfacing and place squarely on the wrong side of your lining fabric.


11.) Remove the other piece of paper from your lining and center your handkerchief on top.


12.) Press to secure bond between lining and handkerchief.


 13.) So far you should have something like this!


 In order to form the envelope we’re going to take all but the top corner and stitch them so that all three meet in the middle.

Fold the handkerchief in half and sew from the middle to the corner.20150129_111200

Repeat with the other side.20150129_111310

14.) We should now have something along these lines.


15.) Press seams flat.


16.) Sew along the top of the envelope making sure to catch the lining in the process to secure them together better.


17.) Now for the closure. We opted for a button and bit of ribbon, you could also use a snap or Velcro.


18.) Sew along the length of ribbon or attach your desired closure and enjoy your new envelope!


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