Holiday Cup Cozy


  • A cup
  • felt
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Velcro
  • Needle and thread (optional glue for adhering decorations)
  • Miscellaneous decoration supplies; ie pom poms, glitter, extra felt, googly eyes, ribbon….

Making the cup cozy:

1.) Measure the width and length of your cup. You should cut your felt to overlap around the width of the cup so add an inch or so to that measurement, we ended up going with 12 inches here. 20141021_160851   Take an inch or so off of your height measurement to allow room for sipping without getting felt in your mouth! We went with 3 inches here. 20141021_160923 2.) Cut felt to desired size. We ended up getting 3 strips of 12 x 3 inch felt from one felt block. 20141021_161238 3.) Decide how much of an indent you need to go through your handle, we decided to take 1/2 inch off each side for 1 inch. Place pins at desired marks, fold in half, cut, repeat at opposite end. 20141021_16145720141021_16155920141021_161607   4.) You should end up with something like this, test it on your mug to make sure you are satisfied with its fit, alter if necessary, otherwise on to Velcro! 20141021_161632 5.) Glue (or sew) Velcro to each end  of your mug cozy, decorate, and enjoy!


Finished Products:


Decoration Ideas:

20141021_165644 20141021_165644


1.) Fold a strip of felt in half (make sure its only as wide as your cozy is tall, dont want your penguin to be too big for your cup!) 20141021_163820 2.) Cut felt around fold in a pear shape. 20141021_163829   Should end up with something like this: 20141021_163845 3.) Put your black felt on top of a strip of white felt and trace around. 20141021_163922 4.) Fold in half and cut inside the lines so that your white piece will end up being smaller than your black piece. 20141021_163950   5.) Cut  out two black triangles for his arms! 20141021_164156 6.) cut a strip of red felt 4 inches long and just under 1/2 inch wide (or preferred width) 20141021_164341 7.) Cut  two tiny triangles for his feet and one for his beak! 20141021_164444 8.) And presto! Penguin! 20141021_164602

Candy Cane

1.) On a piece of white felt, draw out a candy cane shape and cut it out. 20141021_164846 2.) Cut a thin strip of red felt to use as the stripes. 20141021_165228 3.) Cut stripes to fit around entire candy cane. 20141021_165553 4.) Glue stripes to white candy cane base and either sew or glue candy cane to your mug cozy!   5.)

Snow Man

1.) On white felt, trace and cut out three circles, one large, medium and one small, we used buttons to trace our circles. 20141021_163143 2.) Draw a top hat for your snowman! 20141021_163350 3.) You should now have something like this. Cut a tiny triangle in orange felt for his carrot nose. 20141021_163431 4.) Finished Snowman! 20141021_163524

Note: We glued all of our decorations to the felt but you could also sew them on! We used E6000 glue which so far has held up pretty well.20141021_165644

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